Announcing Our Official Flag


Freethinkers and Truth-Seekers assemble! Your local Free Thought Forum now shares a proud banner with every other local group under the Free Thought Initiative. So how does this flag look? Why is it important, and what does it represent? Keep reading to be among to first to learn about our organization’s new colorful icon!

Why Should We Have a Flag?

A flag is a meaningful symbol that can be used to unite and rally people behind a powerful idea. As more Free Thought Forums are created, each one may fly our colors to show pride in our organization, dedication to our cause, and unity among our various members and groups.

In the future, all meetings under the Free Thought Initiative, including weekly public discussions, will only be deemed official when and where our flag is displayed. This will also give people new to our organization a sign that they have found the correct group. Likewise, whenever our organization is found at festivals or city-wide celebrations, we will be accompanied by our flag.

A flag also gives us an instantly-recognizable, simple, and distinct symbol that can be used on mugs, shirts, lapel pins, and any other items we may wish to give away as promotional items, sell to raise funds, or present as thank-you gifts.

There is something inspiring about a good flag. It represents something deep in human consciousness, and allows us all to focus on the core concepts that make us who we are.

It is with great pride that the Executive Council of the Free Thought Initiative presents the new official flag for our organization:

The Official Flag of the Free Thought Initiative

The Official Flag of the Free Thought Initiative



The Color Orange

The “Terra Cotta Orange” in our flag represents the dawn and bright future of our organization as well as the passion and courage of our members. It is also symbolic of strong thinking, a stimulated mind, and calls back to the warm breakfast coffee (or juice) we enjoy at our preferred meeting locations.

The Color Blue

The dark and gray “Rhino Blue” symbolizes calmness, peaceful interaction, quiet contemplation, wisdom, sincerity, model citizenship, and the political freedoms we enjoy. Its juxtaposition to orange reflects a call to a life of healthy balance.

The Color White

Plain white denotes our promise as a nonprofit to transparency, integrity, and virtue.

Tricolor Background

The Three Stripes that constitute the background of the flag represent one’s dedication to our values both night and day, in public, and in private.

The “Free Thinker” Symbol

The “Free Thinker” Symbol

The “Truth Seeker’s Compass” Symbol

The “Truth Seeker’s Compass” Symbol


Truth Seeker’s Compass

Our organization’s main symbol of the “Freethinker” consists of a person with an “unlocked mind” speaking a word-cloud containing a key that can be used to unlock the minds of others. It reflects many things, including recovery from delusion, continual self-improvement, and self-actualization. Although it is not found on our flag, it is the direct inspiration for our “Truth Seeker’s Compass.”

Centered in the first third of our flag is our white “Truth Seeker’s Compass,” a symbol which is formed from three interlocking word clouds, created by three different people sharing their ideas. These word clouds represent free thinking, education, and open discussion from members and guests at our meetings.

When taken as one emblem, its round shape denotes our pursuit of moral ideas from around the world. The Blue World within the compass is in reference to our planet, the home of the entire human family. It also calls to our organization’s dedication to universal inclusivity, an invitation to all people, and the non-exclusive nature of our Foundational Philosophy (a common-ground code of ethics we offer to the world).

Animated flag flying simulation with added white trim

Animated flag flying simulation with added white trim


The Three Points of the compass represent the three parts of The Truth and our sincere pursuit of them:

  • What is Real — The objective facts of Reality and Science.

  • What is Right — Moral Stories and the sound Ethical Behaviors that will plausibly lead to the most cohesive society in which the highest number of people are enabled to realize their greatest individual potential.

  • What is Currently Unknown — Mystery and The acknowledgment that we must all be willing to learn and adjust as better information becomes available.

The Three Keys in the center of the compass spell the first letter in each word of our name, “Free Thought Forum.” They also represent the individual as well as societal desired fruits of our public discussions:

  • Enrichment

  • Enlightenment

  • Empowerment

Two Five-Pointed Stars

The number of points on each star stands for our Five Rules For Civil Discourse (the rules that regulate each public forum) and our five main services and programs:

  • Open Weekly Discussions

  • Group Leader Presentations

  • Semi-Monthly Volunteer Projects

  • First Week Freasts

  • Support Circle Meetings

The first star, the Inner Star, represents a member of the local majority. The second star, the Outer Star, represents a local minority. Paired together, these stars stand for our invitation to both religious and non-religious people, conservatives and liberals, young and old, men and women, and so forth. Both the member of the majority and the minority stand on equal footing and both share an equal position in our organization.

Simulation of the Reverse Side Flying in the Wind

Simulation of the Reverse Side Flying in the Wind

Simulation of the Flag in Low-Speed Winds

Simulation of the Flag in Low-Speed Winds

Simulation of the Flag Hanging Without Wind

Simulation of the Flag Hanging Without Wind

Simulation of the Flag in High-Speed Winds

Simulation of the Flag in High-Speed Winds



Our Flag’s ratio is 3:5, and may be created as an applique, digital print, or embroidery flag. The design is uniform throughout. Therefore, its reverse side is the mirror-image of its obverse side.


Terra Cotta Orange

  • Hex: #E37262

  • RGB: (227, 114, 98)

  • CMYK: 0, 0.50, 0.57, 0.11


  • Hex: #FFFFFF

  • RGB: (255, 255, 255)

  • CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Rhino Blue

Hex: #424A54

RGB: (66, 74, 84)

CMYK: 0.21, 0.12, 0, 0.67

Stripe Ratios

The orange stripe covers the top 40% of the flag while the blue stripe covers the bottom 40%. The height of the white stripe is 20% of the overall height of the flag and is centered vertically.


The Truth-Seeker’s Compass symbol must be centered vertically (based on the overall shape, not the inner circle) and it’s center line must match the first 1/3 of the flag from the hoist edge. The full symbol is 2/3 the total height of the flag. The keys together are centered to the center point of the inner circle and are 2/3 the height of the circle. The tabs on the keys within the symbol should point back, to the fly of the flag.

Star Placement

Both five-pointed stars must be placed in-line with one another horizontally, pointing upwards. The height of each of the two stars is 1/10 the overall height of the flag. The center-point of each star is found in the intersection of edge lines found from the last horizontal third and sixth of the flag and the last fifth of the flag vertically.


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