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Volume 01 Issue 03

Hello Freethinkers!

Welcome to the third issue of the official news source for those interested in free-thinking, truth-seeking, and keeping up-to-date with the Free Thought Initiative! Use the button below to view the full PDF edition of this issue, complete with images and links. The raw information about our announcements this week is as follows:

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You’ve asked for some memes based on our thought-provoking-quote collection. You’ve asked if we had an Instagram or Twitter account. You have wanted us to reach out to people from all across the political spectrum. We listened and your patience has paid off! We are proud to announce that our content creator(s) will begin the production of new thought-provoking memes and quotes as part of our drive to reach those who are searching for inclusive and supportive communities, in-person opportunities in which everyone is able to share what is on their mind, and more. Of course, we will post our memes and continue to post episodes of our podcast across all of our social media accounts. If you like the message behind one of our memes or pictures, please share it with other open-minded people. Doing so will really help us spread the word! Our new memes will be uploaded on a pretty frequent basis, so be sure to follow or subscribe to our new accounts for a bit of regular inspiration, education, and mental stimulation!

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40 Days Until Draper’s 1st

Even with over a month to go, more than 20 people have let us know of their plans to attend our Draper Group’s first meeting! Thank you to everyone who has spread the word about this important event so far. As we continue to promote Draper’s first meeting, even more potential free-thinkers may attend. If we find ourselves a bit crowded, then we may see the surprise creation of yet another group based somewhere nearby! For more information, please visit:


Written By Nicholas Burk, Executive Board Member © 2019 Free Thought Initiative