Here To Stay and New Events


Volume 01 Issue 04

Hello Freethinkers!

Welcome to the fourth issue of the official news source for those interested in free-thinking, truth-seeking, and keeping up-to-date with the Free Thought Initiative! Use the button below to view the full PDF edition of this issue, complete with images and links. The raw information about our announcements this week is as follows:

We Are Here To Stay

Recently, our Executive Board has been asking you for your opinion about moving the meeting location for our Utah Valley group further north. Since our inception, we have met in Springville, but should we move our meetings to Provo or Orem? Doing so may better accommodate those who are interested in participating but live further north. You have responded, and the results are in! Based on your input from our social media pages, our polls, and in-person, the Utah Valley Group Leadership has decided to keep meeting primarily at Art City Coffee in Springville! That location, as well as our meeting place at The Clever Bean Coffee House for the Draper Group, both constitute our official hubs of activity.

Social Media Watch

It’s time for another update on our total subscribers, followers, and reach across our social media accounts!

  • YouTube Subscribers: 59

  • Freethinkers on Meetup: 52 (Utah Valley) and 50 (Draper)

  • Pinterest Viewers: 106

  • Facebook Page Likes: 19

  • Discord Server Members: 14

  • Instagram Followers: 11

  • Reddit Followers: 3

  • Twitter Followers: 1


Our first Local Membership Council meeting was held on July 7th! Based on the feedback from our supporters, we are happy to announce the following presentation topics for our upcoming weekly meetings and other events:

  • July 14 - Emotional First Aid

  • July 21 - Starting and Strengthening Relationships

  • July 28 - The Political Compass Test

  • Aug 10 - Volunteer Project: Springville Animal Shelter Clinic

  • Aug 11 - The Epic FIRST Meeting for a NEW Draper Group! NOTE: There will be no meeting in Springville on this day, Instead, we will all drive up to support our new sister group to the north.

  • Aug 18 - How to Moderate Public Discussions

  • Aug 25 - Great Ideas From Sikhism


Written By Nicholas Burk, Executive Board Member © 2019 Free Thought Initiative