It is GREAT to Meet You


Volume 01 Issue 05

How’s it going?

Welcome to the 5th issue of the official news source for those interested in free-thinking, truth-seeking, and keeping up-to-date with the Free Thought Initiative! Use the button below to view the full PDF edition of this issue, complete with images and links. The raw information about our announcements this week is as follows:

It is GREAT to Meet You

Trying out a new group that you found online can be a tricky experience. Going to a new place to introduce yourself to new people takes guts. Now take into consideration that this group also asks you to really share what is on your mind!

We have been impressed that so many of you, despite the awkwardness and unease that comes with meeting new people, have taken this leap! In our last three-or-so meetings, we have had the opportunity to get to know so many of you who have decided to give our organization a try. Some of you are going through a rough patch in life. Some of you are eager to share what you have discovered on your journey thus far. Your stories are fascinating, and your perspectives are rich with experience. We are sure that no matter your background and no matter what you bring to the table, this is where you can belong.

To every person who has joined our group in the last few weeks, welcome! We hope to see you again soon, and we are happy to receive your feedback on how we can make our organization even more welcoming to fellow free-thinkers and truth-seekers!

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Utah Valley CALENDAR

  • July 21 – Starting and Strengthening Relationships

  • July 28 – The Political Compass

  • Aug 4 – Feast Sunday & Support Circle

  • Aug 10 – Volunteer Project: Springville Animal Shelter Clinic

  • Aug 11 – The Epic FIRST Meeting for a NEW Draper Group! NOTE: There will be no meeting in Springville on this day, Instead, we will all drive up to support our new sister group to the north.

  • Aug 18 – How to Moderate Public Discussions

  • Aug 25 – Great Ideas From Sikhism

  • Sep 1 – Feast Sunday & Support Circle

  • Sep 8 – Human-Caused Climate Change


Written By Nicholas Burk, Executive Board Member © 2019 Free Thought Initiative