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Show your dedication to free-thinking! Your contributions allow new Free Thought Forums to emerge, provide more services, and grow! Scroll down to see all the available donation options, Thank-You gifts, and our progress toward our current fundraising goal.

Where Does the Money Go?

At this stage in our development, 100% of the funds raised by our organization (minus Paypal, Venmo, or Stripe processing fees) are being used to meet the legal fees associated with filing for our nonprofit status (required for our first three years of operation). Any future changes to this arrangement will be announced ahead of time in our newsletter.



Options and Thank You Gifts

Contributions such as yours make it all possible! By supporting our cause and our services, you will be eligible to receive the following rewards and thank you gifts according to the donation tiers specified below. Thank you!

About Monthly Donations: Subsequent monthly payments will be charged approximately at the same time-of-month as your first payment. Links to new digital rewards will be sent to your email address. Past digital rewards may be accessed via our Donor Portal. Physical rewards will be sent to the mailing address you provide beginning one month after each scheduled donation. You have the option to opt-out of receiving any and all of the rewards listed below.


Volunteer, Participate in Meetings, and Provide Feedback

Not every freethinker is in the position to donate funds. However, not all meaningful donations can be counted in dollars and cents! To everyone donating their time, volunteer hours, insights and perspectives at our meetings, and helpful feedback online, we are happy to offer the following thank-you gifts:


Send a One-Time Donation

(To send aid in response to a recent crisis, please visit our disaster-relief page.)

Every little bit counts! Making a One-Time Donation allows you to fund the spread of freethought (in the amount you like) without the monthly commitment of recurring donations. Doing so will earn you the following reward:

  • Personal Note: Receive (via email) at least one unique Thank you Letter, written for you and signed by the members of our Executive Board.

Donate via STRIPE


$1.00 Per Month

Our organization stands on the foundation of monthly contributions. If every member donated just $1.00 a month, we will be able to easily cover our website hosting, Meetup fees, and other online costs!

  • Unlock all rewards listed above.

  • Supporter Shout-Outs: Add your preferred name (or family-friendly pseudonym) to our list of monthly supporters presented in our upcoming Podcast Episodes and issues of our Newsletter.

Your Preferred Name


$3.00 Per Month

  • Unlock all rewards listed above.

  • Contributor Club: Gain access to our member-only Discord Channel and other exclusive social media rooms where you can meet and chat with other monthly supporters dedicated to the growth of our organization and the spread of freethought! Links to each of these rooms can be found on our Donor Portal.

Your Preferred Name


$5.00 Per Month

  • Unlock all rewards listed above.

  • Bonus Newsletter Articles: While everyone else sees a locked article in their newsletter, your copy of each newsletter will be complete with full-access to an article written exclusively for contributors at this level and beyond! In addition, you will be able to see all past Donor Editions of the Seeker’s Key through our Donor Portal.

Your Preferred Name


$10.00 Per Month

  • Unlock all rewards listed above.

  • Bonus Podcast Episodes: One extra podcast episode will be created and only made available to contributors who donate $10 or more each month! Our Donor Portal can be used to find past Bonus Podcast Episodes.

Your Preferred Name


$15.00 Per Month

*** This is our MOST POPULAR donation level ***

  • Unlock all rewards listed above.

  • Mystery Envelopes: Check your mailbox each month for an envelope containing our decal stickers, coupons for our online store, freethought fridge-magnets, and/or other similar items!

Your Preferred Name


$25.00 Per Month

  • Unlock all rewards listed above.

  • Surprise Packages: Enjoy a mystery item from our store sent every month to your door such as a mug, t-shirt, or lapel pin!

Your Preferred Name


$35.00 Per Month

  • Unlock all rewards listed above.

  • Choose the Topic: Claim the privilege of determining the topic for at least one of our upcoming newsletter articles, blog posts, or podcast episodes each month!

Your Preferred Name
First Month's Topic


$50.00 Per Month

  • Unlock all rewards listed above.

  • Recognition as a Founding Donor: All those who contribute $50 or more for at least two months will be recorded in our history and publications as an official Founding Donor of the Free Thought Initiative, without whom the creation of our organization would not be possible. (This reward is only available for a limited time.)

  • Board Meeting Invitation: Join in the monthly online meetings of the Executive Board alongside our representative Group Leaders to have your voice heard as the future of our organization is discussed.

Your Preferred Name
First Month's Topic


Our Goal


Operation Lift Off

All groups under the Free Thought Initiative and our podcast team are all fundraising for our first $1000! This is to help us get off the ground as an official Non Profit (the official paperwork costs $750) while also being able to reserve a booth at local tabling events and produce printed materials such as business cards and pamphlets in the future!


Funds Raised

Last Updated: 8/21/2019


One-Time Donations = $220.00

Monthly Contributions = $115.00

Our Remaining Goal = $665.00


Thank You

To everyone who has helped us get this far!