The Problem

The Six Issues We Exist to Address

Each Free Thought Forum seeks to improve its members and its surrounding community. In order to do so, six modern societal and personal issues have been identified as growing problems in need of solutions.

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Isolation & Depression

  • Distorted views on the sources of happiness and fulfillment

  • Unrealistic expectations of self, family, community, and humanity

  • Unhealthy comparison to others

  • No sense of belonging to a supportive group or community

  • Lack of healthy friendship

  • Little motivation or passion

  • Lack of proper psychological treatment

  • Growing despair and social anxiety

Public Misinformation & Anti-Intellectualism

  • A failing educational system producing mass scientific illiteracy

  • General gullibility and a lack of critical thinking skills

  • Rampant political propaganda

  • Predatory cults and fundamentalist religious groups

  • Online Anti-science campaigns

  • Unopposed pseudoscience

  • Online echo-chambers

  • Fake News

Failing Social Cohesion

  • A lack of common values across communities

  • A pervasive lack of personal responsibility or life purpose in young adults

  • Advice and information overload

  • Political apathy

  • Complete disregard for traditional values

  • A growing number of individuals without a sufficient moral compass

  • Political violence


SUPREMACISm & Polarization

  • Online hate mobs

  • An epidemic of general distrust between social groups

  • Ideological certainty and close-mindedness

  • Religious and Political Terrorism

  • Race, gender, and belief based discrimination and violence

  • “Us vs. them” thinking

  • Political polarization and extremism

  • Growing tribalistic division

Career Inertia & Poverty

  • A sense of being overworked and underpaid without better options

  • An increasing number of young adults experiencing a “failure to launch”

  • Lack of access to financial planning resources or counseling

  • Fear of growing college debt

  • Diminished perception of social mobility

  • Lack of budgeting skills

  • The threat of automation leading to greater unemployment

Overindulgence & Addiction

  • Video game, social media, and technology addiction

  • Pornography addiction

  • Medication, drug, and alcohol abuse

  • Obesity and chronic illness

  • Increased susceptibility to disease outbreaks and epidemics

  • Run-away consumer debt

  • Excessive trash and pollution production