Programs and Services


Free Thought Forum

A two-hour (or so) open and civil weekly discussion on moral philosophy, science, religion, politics, current events, and more. Guests are encouraged to participate under the facilitation of one or more trained volunteers known as “Hosts.” These typically are held in public spaces such as libraries, coffee shops, and city parks.

Group Leader Presentation

Before an open forum discussion, a group’s leader gives a brief educational and motivational presentation on a different topic each week, inspired by what we promote and encourage. The materials for these presentations can be found in our Primer Library!

Semimonthly Service Projects

Elite volunteer training and projects selected for their meaningful impact allow members to improve their emotional health, make a real difference in their communities, and develop leadership and team-building skills.

First Weekend Feasts

These potluck events are more casual than our other meetings, take place on the first weekend of each month, and are held outdoors if the weather permits. Feel free to share a brunch item with our group! Plates, eating utensils, and napkins are provided. The meal is followed by our “Support Circle” event and an open forum.


Support Circle

In our Support Circle Meetings (paired with First Week Feasts), every participant is welcome to share a personal goal for the upcoming month and all other participants are welcome to offer help, advice, and other forms of support. This allows us, as a group, to check-up with one another on a monthly basis in order to encourage continual personal improvement and progress.

Cult Recovery

In a world plagued with cultish-group-think, pyramid schemes, religious fundamentalism, conspiratory-thinking, and online echo-chambers, we can all use a breath of fresh air, and help to reorient ourselves toward reality, morality, and healthy living. Cult Recovery meetings allow members the chance to vent about their experiences, contextualize and learn from their past, and gain support from others who are also on their journey toward de-conversion and free thinking.

Life Event Officiation

Some of the most important moments in one’s life call upon the services of a formal facilitator. As our society and families become more mixed and diverse, who can you call upon to officiate at a wedding, ceremony, or funeral who won’t offend half of the attendees? We are happy to provide a trained and legally-authorized officiant for such occasions.

…And More!

As membership increases, each group’s options to host guest speakers, lend aid to disaster victims, fund scientific breakthroughs, attend conventions and conferences, and even organize group vacations increase as well!