The Solution

Our Vision for a Better Future

To address the SIX ISSUES summarized above, and to allow more members of our society to achieve their best personal potential, the following three-part strategy was launched in the Spring of 2019:


  1. Build inclusive, supportive, and free-thinking communities in which individuals from any background or belief system may belong, develop positive friendships, and share unique and diverse perspectives.

  2. Educate the public in matters of scientific literacy, nonpartisan political history, healthy living habits, practical life skills, and helpful community resources.

  3. Promote universal values developed to encourage social cohesion and to enable, convince, and inspire individuals to better realize their own greatest potential.

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What We Do:

We help those in need of an inclusive, supportive, and free-thinking community by hosting public discussions on moral philosophy, healthy living, and science to improve the cohesion, health, and scientific literacy of our society.