6''x4'' Hand-held Freethought Flag

6''x4'' Hand-held Freethought Flag


Stake a Bold Claim for Freethought!

Designed according to our official specifications and rich unique symbolism, this small printed flag is an important part of every Free Thought Forum because it signals to visitors and guests that they have found the right group and that the meeting is official! Stand it on a table, let it decorate your home, or wave it at a special event!

NOTE: Stand is not included. Stands for 6’’x4’’ flags can be found at your local party, hobby, or flag store. Exact proportion of symbols to stripes may slightly vary.

  • Flag dimensions: 6’’ by 4’’

  • Digitally Printed

  • Finished with a Clean Protective Edge

  • Mounted on a 10’’ Black Plastic Staff


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