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Celebrating Wisdom

Special holidays and celebrations can bring fun, distinction, and a sense of unity to a community. In addition to your other local, national, and cultural festivities, we hope that you will join us in the creation and celebration of our first secular annual event - one of four now in development!

Which traditions would you like us to attach to this event? What do you think of our plans so far? Your FEEDBACK is welcome!

Wisdom-Based Traditions

Honoring Students, Graduates, and Academic Achievement

We’d like to shine the spotlight on the sacrifice and improvement of our scholars, no matter their age! Did you learn a language, sign-up for your first college classes, graduate with honors, win 2nd place in a spelling-bee, learn how to play an instrument, or earn 100% on an exam? Let’s share that with the audience followed by some much-deserved applause. If you know someone how has a recent accomplishment in this category, invite them to join us as a special guest! (This practice is inspired by a similar one witnessed at Native American Pow-wows in Utah and Arizona.)

Book Exchange

Have you ever run-out of new books to read? Do you have some great books cluttering-up your home library? Why not trade them with a fellow freethinker?! If you have a novel or nonfiction book that you would like to donate, bring it to the festival and swap it for another.

Strategy Games and Puzzles

Rather than spend our time with our usual presentations and open discussion, we will celebrate with some snacks, gift-bags, chatting, and games! Strategy games, math games, riddles, and puzzles are perfect for a day about wisdom. Let’s play some Chess, Risk, Go, and other challenging games!

Trivia Contest

In the spirit of epic game shows such as “Jeopardy” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” - we will have prizes ready for the bold contestants eager to test their knowledge!

Sage Storytelling

Young guests may enjoy a wise guest speaker for some traditional storytelling. Intergenerational wisdom was shared through this captivating art form for most of human history. Insightful myths and stories from around the world may be featured.

Personal Improvement Survey

All participants are encouraged to fill-out our quarterly member surveys. These are used by the Free Thought Initiative to measure the effects of our programs and the individual progress of our members in terms of scientific literacy, healthy living, and so forth. This form also gives members a chance to submit formal feedback on the previous quarter’s content.

Other Traditions

What do you think should be added to this list? Send us a message!

Virtue-Based Themes

While many holidays and festivals call back to a person, region, product, or story, we set our sights to something more universal. Virtues apply to all people, from all regions, and across time. “Wisdom” is the first of four virtues we’d like to feature. The other three can follow Plato’s cardinal virtues (Justice, Temperance, and Courage) or come from our unique selection (Hope, Generocity, etc.). What do you think?

Science-Based Times

Scientific fact beautifully and equally applies to all peoples of the world. Rather than schedule our traditions according to culture-specific markers throughout the year, why not look at the actual seasons and orbit of the earth itself? If we are to have four annual secular celebrations, then it is perfectly reasonable to space them equidistantly, and according to natural phenomena, such as the solstices and equinoxes. For convenience, we can make the official celebration times fall on the weekends before each solstice and equinox.

Intercultural Activities

What should we do at each of our annual festivals? That is completely up to you and our community! Feel free to be creative and inventive. Sharing your suggestions can help us all create a rich and meaningful experience each year. We have looked around the world for inspiration and have been pleased with what we have found. Likewise, if you look near and far for great traditions and practices, we would love to hear what you find.